Una aventura vinícola per la Denominació d'Origen Terra Alta. #UndiaUnvi ha viatjat amb un grupet per descobrir la Terra Alta. Un cap de setmana meravellós amb amics/cellers i més de 50 vins tastats. Visca la garnatxa blanca i aquest territori amb tant d'encant. Fotos fetes per Gilbert Bages
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Osmosis Restaurant
Controlant la propera floració a Vins del Tros, vinyaters! Propera collita, proper vi a #Osmosisrestaurant.
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Today, beautiful day, MOONWINE Wineries Meeting at #ORTOVINS DO Montsant Sharing knowledge and biodynamic masterclass by #JoanAsens: compost, biodynamic field preparations, cover crops, own seed production and awesome tasting. 😊
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Trobada de viticultors al Celler Orto Vins, grans amfitrions, amb els nostres amics de Moonwine
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Pere Flores Garcia Un plaer! Molt bones les fotos Joan R Bada Suñe!
24 May 2016, 22:00
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Lo carratell
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In the ninth edition of B-Style magazine, published bimonthly in Russian and English and addressed to tourists visiting Barcelona and Madrid, there was an article about our wine Tremenda.

You can view the article on the following link:
· B-Style Magazine

Last November 9th, 2014 Diari de Tarragona newspaper published a report about our project which focused on wine aging in amphoras, as in our Morenillo Àmfora and Brisat Garnatxa Blanca Àmfora.

You can read the entire article at the following link:
· Diari de Tarragona

Carlos Delgado, journalist and wine critic in "El País" newspaper, talks about "Lo Morenillo" in one of his usual video-tastings, and he highlights the fabulous personality and uniqueness of this wine.

You can see the video-tasting on link below:
· Lo Morenillo a El Viajero, El País.

Juan Manuel Ibáñez, journalist and wine critic in elmundovino.com section of "El Mundo" newspaper, talks about our project in one of his reports, and he also talks about three of our wines: Cent x Cent, Tremenda and Lo Morenillo.

From the link below you can read the report:
· Report in elmundovino.com

On November 5th, 2012 the 'Guia de Vins de Catalunya' announced its selection of the best Catalan wines and cavas of 2012, among which one was our Señora Carmen.

From the link below you can see the news that was broadcast on TV3's newscast:
· Best Catalan wines of 2012 (TV3's newscast)

Last February 14th, 2013 we were interviewed by journalist Francesc Mauri in the section MeteoTaula of his program MeteoMauri in Catalunya Radio.

From the link below you can hear the program from Catalunya Radio:
· Interview on Catalunya Ràdio


The Vins del Tros project was created in 2009 by Joan Ramon Bada, winemaker, and Josep Arrufat, vintner. Both were born in Vilalba dels Arcs, have been friends from childhood and are passionate about the vineyards and wine from their land.

Together, their main objective is to produce wines that represent the distinctive characteristics from the region where they are made in the Terra Alta, by using the old vines of Red and White Grenache, the two main traditional local varieties.

Finally, in late 2012, another wine culture enthusiast from our country, Xavier Orobitg, joined our team, bringing his extensive professional experience to this exciting project.

The cellar

Our cellar is located on the main level of one of the most emblematic country homes from Vilalba del Arcs: casa “Granyena”.

The cellar is situated right in the middle of the historical village and surrounded by narrow streets and various buildings with stone walls that all add to its beauty. This home has been associated with wine making since it was built, as can be seen in many different details within the home.

The fact that the whole home is completely surrounded by thick stone walls allows for the inner temperature to be almost the same all year round, independent to what the outside temperature may be.

As for the wine making process and it's aging, at Vins del Tros we have on one side, French oak barrels with a capacity of 225 and 500 litres as well as various French oak tanks with a capacity of 4000 litres each.

We also strongly believe in the process of aging the wine in large clay pots, both for the red and white wines. Each clay pot can hold between 150 to 800 litres.

Lastly, we also use several stainless steel tanks with a capacity of between 1000 and 5000 litres.

La Cirera

From the terraces of this vineyard comes a large part of the white Grenache that Te la dedico is made from. As well, from part of this land with clay soil, the Syrah used for the coupage of Ay de mi is obtained.
· Area: 5 hectares
· Ground: Panal, Clayey

La Bassa

From the terraces closely facing this vineyard the majority of the red Grenache for the Ay de mi is harvested.
· Area: 4 hectares
· Ground: Clayey

Pla de Pey

From this vineyard containing vines with an approximate age of 75 years comes the majority of the white Grenache that Cent x Cent is made from.
· Area: 1,5 hectares
· Ground: Stony

La Novena

From this small area with white Grenache, an important part of the grapes used for Te la Dedico are harvested.
· Area: 0,5 hectares
· Ground: Stony

La Valleta

From this vineyard is obtained, on one side, the red Grenache for Señora Carmen and, on the other, part of the red Grenache for Ay de mi.
· Area: 1,5 hectares
· Ground: Panal
C/Major, 13
43782 Vilalba dels Arcs
Tarragona (Spain)